Medical Professional Systems
The Italian company MP-Systems owes its existence to the doctor-biotechnologist Davide di Stefano. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he gathered a team of young and ambitious scientists around him.

The desire to preserve, protect and enhance female beauty inspires Dr. Di Stefano and his team to research and create new cosmetics that have no analogues and are practically irreplaceable in solving various skin problems.
The philosophy of MP-Systems

  • Quality
    Product quality is an important value. The best active ingredients are carefully selected for each formulation.
  • Safety
    Manufactured to strict quality standards: ICEA, ISO 9002, GMP. As well as safety assessment and constant quality control in independent institutes of dermatology around the world.
  • Efficiency
    he constant search for innovative active ingredients, innovative formulations and high quality production methods guarantee the effectiveness of the products.
  • Expertise
    Thanks to our scientists and their developments, over the years, the products have won the trust of cosmetologists and end customers, establishing themselves as a reference brand in Italy and abroad.
  • 100% made in Italy
    From development to production, to meet the needs of today's market for continuous evolution.
  • Innovation
    Our team is constantly on the lookout for the best pharmaceutical patents and formulas to create products with maximum effective force.
All-season nanosomal peelings

Unique medical technology for solving cosmetic problems
"Multipurpose" chemical peeling that restores skin tone, freshness and brightness
Personal procedure for each client
Dermo-epidermal skinboosters

Skinbooster with the effect of botulinum therapy - safe correction of mimic wrinkles at any age
The first skinbooster to activate cell mitochondria
A unique system for the safe regulation of the mitotic cycle of cells
Unique hybrid lipolytic-liporeductant with prolonged action
Skinbooster with SMAS-lifting effect, reducing ptosis from the first application
Prevent-age skinboosters

Skin phototherapy alternative and UV protection
Skinbooster with concealer effect
Express lifting without pain and swelling
Eco-skinbooster for the big city
First skinbooster with "Unlimited Hayflick" effect

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